mardi 15 novembre 2016

My Favourite Serie


My favourite serie is One Piece, it's an anime of 750 episodes. Yes, It is really long but I love it and actually it is in the topsell in Japan. It's the story of Luffy, a 16 years old boy who want to become the king of pirates, and it might appear really boring but the story is a crazy think. Every character has his own personality and the morality is really nice ; Never let ur friends down. There are some fruits called demon's fruits and if youeat one of them it gives you specific ability . Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi and he has the ability of  stretching his body and he madenice technics with it and there are thousand of differents demon's fruits and it makes the story rich and interesting. I really love this anime but I watch in parallel some other animes like Nanatsu No taizai, Tokyo Ghoul ... etc
Even if it is animes, a lot of them are for adults like Ecchis. SO EVERYONE HAS TO FORGET THE ETHIC THAT ANIMES ARE FOR CHILDRENS. Anyway, One Piece is really nice go and watch it just forget the number of episodes and WATCH  then tell me how was it !